Job Bites podcast

Job Bites podcast is your daily source of information needed to improve your job application process. We invite external guests to share their stories and insights to let you broaden your perspective about looking for a new job and actually getting one. Enjoy listening!

Communication in the world of remote working with Lisa Braithwaite.

Communication has never been more important, or more challenging than it is today. On this episode we speak to Lisa Braithwaite, a communication and presentation expert, on what it takes to communicate effectively in the world of remote working, and what you can do to better prepare for meetings and interviews.

Measuring results so you can create an “oh yeah!” folder and grow your career with Karie Harris.

Karie Harris is an experienced recruiter and career coach, and has worked at some of the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies. Hear us discuss the importance of cross-transferable skills and measuring your results at work.

A mindset driven job-search plan with Lisa Pachence.

Most of us storm right into applying for jobs, and soon get frustrated with the lack of results. On this episode we speak to career development expert and coach, Lisa Pachence about a more successful, step-based plan to finding fulfilling work against the odds.

Retail careers: don’t panic, go digital with Sarah Whyment.

The retail sector has had an incredibly tough year, with many major cities across the globe entering multiple lockdowns. The closure of the highstreet has led to many retailers bolstering their digital strategy and presence. In this episode we speak to retail recruitment expert, Sarah Whyment, on advice for jobseekers coming out of the embattled retail industry.

Seeking fulfillment in what you do starts with you with Stevie Orrill

Stevie Orrill has made some major changes in his career. He is now a life coach, advocating self awareness and positive change towards a healthier and happier life. Hear his recommendations for anyone seeking self fulfillment.

Demonstrating value to nail your next interview with Sharadon Smith.

Sharadon Smith is a veteran career advisor, having worked with thousands of jobseekers, many in technical domains. Hear us discuss how to effectively convey yourself in an interview, why and when you should drop the jargon, and how you can showcase value delivery to a prospective employer.

Mastering your mindset for success with Melinda George Bristol.

You’ve probably heard the age-old adage: “you can be your own worst enemy”. Melinda George Bristol is a career coach who helps her clients master their mindset to achieve better results. Hear her advice on breaking through your own glass ceilings, and making sure you never hold yourself back.

Global Pandemic? Truckin’ is in demand with Margaret DeBellotte

Margaret looked carefully at which industries were doing well during COVID, and what accompanying skills / positions were in demand. That’s how she ended up driving an 18-wheeler to supplement her income in 2020. Hear her story in this episode of Apli’s job bites.

Relocation, relocation, relocation with Jonathan Ybanez.

Jonathan Ybanez has relocated 12 times in his career, working with major employers including a Fortune 50 organisation. Hear how being open and flexible to relocation can help broaden your chances of securing employment.

Building leadership skills in 2020 with Lynn George

Glass ceilings.

Mastering your motivation with Sarah Stones

On this episode we interview Sarah Stones, an expert on motivation. We discuss the various forms of motivation, and what you can do to redefine your motivation in times of change.

Communicating your way to a better career with NLP and models with Peter Freeth

Peter Freeth is a prolific writer, career coach and NLP expert. In this episode we discuss how NLP and effective communication can help you succeed in your job search and your career.

Find and embrace your schtick with Heather Tranen

Most people with successful careers have figured out what their ‘schtick’ is. Hear Heather’s advice and recommendations for developing your expertise and building a personal brand around it.

How being made redundant inspired a fulfilled career with Lee Chambers

When life serves you lemons, make lemonade. Lee was a fresh graduate in 2008 when the global financial crisis struck the bank he was working at. What followed was years of entrepreneurship and a learning mindset, allowing Lee to pivot his career whilst connecting the dots. Hear his story.

Cutting through the BS to succeed in your job search with Jeff Altman

Jeff Altman is a tenured career coach and host of the popular podcast, No BS Job Search Advice. On this episode we speak with Jeff about his key learnings and top recommendations for jobseekers after 10 consecutive years of running his show

The power of networking: give more than you take with Teegan Bartos

Your job search doesn’t just have to be about volume. Hear Teegan’s recommendations for supercharging your efforts with the power of networking and personal branding.

Career growth even in the most unlikely of times with Claire Cahill

It’s been a tough and wild year. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be focused on career growth. Whether you’ve just started a new job, or are looking to accelerate your career in an existing one, hear some of Claire’s recommendations.

Sacrifice to lead: from the battlefield to the boardroom with Ben Morton

Ben Morton did two tours of Iraq as a Captain in the British army before becoming a corporate HR professional and leadership. Hear his views on modern leadership and advice for those of us looking to become better leaders.

No nonsense advice for nailing your job search with Brian Daniel

It can be easy to lose sight of the principles of a successful job search, especially once you’ve been applying for a while. Hear Brian Daniel’s top recommendations for job seeking success.

How to Reinvent Yourself and Build Your Network for a Career Transition with John Tarnoff

In the first episode of the Job Bites podcast, the host - Jean-Michel Gauthier, and his guest – John Tarnoff – career coach and best-selling author, are diving career reinvention. What is reinvention, how to reinvent yourself courageously and successfully, and last – how to make the most of building relationships and networking instead of firing away resumes? Let’s find out!

How sales qualification methods can help you get a Job

Job Bites is a fresh podcast focused on delivering information valuable to find a job.In an episode zero its host Jean-Michel Gauthier tells a little more about the motivation to start this show and shares his advice to Job Seekers how to use sales qualification methods to improve chances of getting a job efficiently

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